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GGBet — Official Sports Betting and Casino Website

If you’ve been around gambling for at least a while, you almost certainly know GG.Bet as a steady companion of many sports events. Whether you have seen their logo on eSports banners or had a chance to place a wager yourself, the GGBet bookmaker may now be an easily recognizable brand for you, and it is not a mere coincidence. But what exactly does makes these guys stand out from the crowd?

It’s no secret to any gamer out there that esports are on a huge rise nowadays. Certain bookies, including GG Bet, were lucky to get on this train just in time on its departure before the COVID pandemic hit. From a simple betting website to a full-fledged sponsor of teams and tournaments, the history of GGBet is a quick growth and scoring success.

According to the majority of GG Bet reviews, their services are accommodating and responsive, odds remain pleasant, incentive system keeps you attracted and entertained.

They are partnering with Navi, Team Vitality, MainCast, and Starladder. They cover hundreds of competitive disciplines, while their customer support is available in 11 languages.

And there is so much more to explore! Let’s see in detail what GGBet has to offer.

Interface and Functionality of the GG Bet

Right from its home page, GGBet website cuts to the chase, showing you charts with hot and available bets. Before you jump to rooting for your favorites, however, you may like to set up the appearance of odds, using the setting menu under the cog pictogram in the header. Choose the regional format, turn on/off history of changes, and decide whether it’s helpful for your strategy to monitor the odds percentage statistics by tournament or by match.

Next up, the filters on the left side of your screen are meant for the selection of sports for betting. Checking the box on any discipline gives you a corresponding list of matches marked by national flags and featuring a total number of games, both daily and planned. If a category has events that are streamed live at the moment, it has a marker that says so in front of it.

You’ll be able to watch most matches right on GG Bet. However, should you be using an Ad Block or script tools, Twitch could make you wait 30 seconds before unlocking the stream on another website, so you might want to turn off these or watch it in a separate tab.

GGBet License and Security Measures for Players

GGBet online betting and casino games come under the legal auspices of Curacao. This means that bettors’ interests are protected, and all the transactions they engage in lie fully within the legislative norms. Since sites with this license are allowed, players will not have any problems.

Curacao licenses are famously difficult to obtain, and it’s no small feat for a betting service to have one. These permissions remain transparent and open to public view, so anyone can check whether or not their bookmaker is legitimate.

It also means that GGBet is obliged to commingle exclusively with official and secure software providers. This is great news for those gambling online from the coziness of their home, as they especially have to deal with lots of app installations and browser surfing. As long as your connection remains safe and financial/crypto transactions protected, GG.Bet guarantees you a smooth and reliable experience.

GGBet eSports — Over 500 Matches Every Day!

Placing eSports bets is probably the coolest thing one can do at GG Bet. While there are dozens of competitive video games today, few other sites have the mettle to organize them in one place as comfortably. It’s exciting just how fast you can check and compare the odds on multiple events without even having to register.

gg bet esports

Another huge advantage of this bookie is how many matches they actually cover. There is everything for everyone, and it’s so much better for players who prefer to see the bigger picture rather than simply have a go at one or two favorites. With betting, GGBet eSports allows you to be you, regardless of whether you like to stick to a familiar watch-and-bet routine or seek to experiment with various types of bets and money-making strategies.

Bettors can also experience the thrill of in-play betting, where you need to predict the outcome of the game right as it is happening. Say, if you’re a seasoned player of Dota 2 or LoL, this type of bet gives you the opportunity to exploit your hunches about how a certain match will develop from mid-round. Depending on your knowledge of the game, this may pose a good chance to up the profit margins.

What Games Does the Bookmaker Offer for Online Betting?

Being everyone’s favorite, Dota 2 and CS:GO collect the greatest pool prizes and attract lots of money in bets. There is not a day in the year when some minor or major game doesn’t happen, while at the grander event and tournaments sponsored by Valve, players and bettors get to feel part of one of the biggest gaming communities on Earth.

However, those are not the only games to consider at GG.Bet.

There is already quite a number of eSports disciplines to make money on, but the list is dynamic and can always be extended, depending on the available markets.

Gaming is all about ebbs and flows, and as soon as you’re in, you need to adjust to the yearly rhythm of game tournaments and seasons. That is why the best video games to bet on are ones you play yourself. Sometimes, however, it just makes sense profit-wise to monitor a couple of extras, especially if you’re familiar with the participants from other disciplines.

Titles currently available at eSports section:

Of course, whatever your gaming experience, you are almost certainly addicted to no more than three disciplines from this list. One being an award-winning FPS and the other two the world’s most renowned and loved MOBAs, these games draw in the biggest audiences and spark the most whopping bets.

CS:GO Bets

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a shooter with clear and easily understandable rules which makes betting on it a gradual learning curve. With a minimum number of matches played, you can get the hang of it, from where on, predicting the frags and win rates become intuitive and comfortable.

Dota 2 Bets

While Dota 2 poses for the battling participants a very simple goal (destroying the Ancient), you’d benefit greatly from knowing its complex hero builds and strategies. The match outcome (moneylines) is undoubtedly the most common type of bets, with the handicap and the total games played in a match to follow.

LoL Bets

Similarly to Dota 2, bets on League of Legends require of you the correct analysis of each team’s average performance. LoL offers a rather nuanced spread of bets, from First Blood to killing/destroying objectives (Dragons, the First Baron, and Inhibitors).

Types of GG.Bet eSports Bets

Depending on the discipline, types of online bets may range from simple match outcomes to a layered combo system of game mechanics bets. To learn what specific outcomes the game supports, simply choose it from the filtered list on the left, and then, click the team you’re rooting for in an ongoing match. CS:GO, for instance, allows you to bet money on the following popular outcomes:

Example Betting on a Dota 2 Match

Say, there is the tournament, where Team Renewal is battling Team Saiyan, with betting on match winners available at GG.Bet.

Their initial odds are as follows:

The odds statistic, in this case, is 50/50, which indicates pretty solid expectations of the viewers.

What does this give you? First up, you can measure the payout right off the bat by multiplying the numbers. For instance, if we decide to bet $100 on RNWL, the overall resulting amount is $100 x 1.94 = $194. After deducting the sum of our bet, we are left with $94. The same bet for Sayian would get you $362, with a net profit of $262, respectively.

The lower the odds for a participant, the closer they are to 1 (in other words, to a win), meaning the audience perceives them as stronger than their opponent. A lesser risk means a lesser payout and anything below 2.0 results in you losing money if the prediction comes true.

What Happens If the Game is Tied?

Notice that the odds tend to change during the match, too. In this instance, the resulting odds came to be:

With the actual outcome of the match being announced as 1:1 (a draw).

What happens to your bet, if the game is tied like that? Depending on whether the option Draw no Bet is effective, the amount wagered should be safely returned to the bettors.

GGBet Sport Betting — From Football to Chess!

Physical competitive disciplines are as old as the world, and betting on them is a good way to combine the thrill of watching with the joy of winning money. GGBet Sports has a wide and varied selection of sports events, many of which can be watched online straight from the sportsbook website.

ggbet sports

Veteran gamblers and newbies all bet on sports for a variety of reasons. Most people come for the excitement online betting adds to viewing, as it spices up your experience quite a bit. This way, you cannot lose because your wholehearted participation always feels rewarding no matter what.

GG Bet Provides More Than 30 Sports Disciplines

As a sportsbook, GG Bet has a tasteful assortment of disciplines all year round. These can be grouped as follows:

Available Outcomes for Sports Betting

Sports betting online, of course, are always concerned with the results of the observed match, which get you some moolah if your prediction proves correct. You can find yourself betting on the winner — that is called moneylines, and this one is by far the most favorite. Another way to earn money is by trying to guess which team will come at the top or suffer a defeat by a certain number of points, which is known as a spread bet. Combining multiple results into one bet gets you a parlay.

The Best Betting Odds

Getting all serious about betting requires you to have a good grasp of how odds work. Any intelligent bet a gambler makes means a well-informed decision based on what amount of money works best for a certain type of odds in a particular situation.

1 x 2
troubleq vs Players
Fortnite live - Troubleq
SOOP Challengers League 2024 Thailand: Split 2
XERXIA Esports

You can set up the odds to be displayed in several formats, including the Hong Kong, Indo, and Malay styles in addition to the classic European decimals or US moneylines.

How to Read Decimal Odds?

Decimals, also known as European-style odds, are widely used in continental Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. For many people, these are the easiest to read and build their predictions from. Decimals show openly which one of the two is the leading team/player and what winnings to expect from your bet.

The very nature of decimals is to indicate what will be the winning amount for every dollar you wager. Be careful, though, as what you calculate is not the profit but rather the total payment in the outcome. In contrast to fractional odds, a gambler doesn’t need to add back their bet to these after the calculations.

Profitable GGBet Live Bets with Free Broadcasts

Betting during the game is a great way to spice up your viewing experience. There, you’ll have to deal with odds that change on the fly. Your payout will be calculated right at the end of the match.

The live bets for competitions are normally placed on a probable winner or the outcome (more/even). Bear in mind, that your bet still stands even if the game ended abruptly or the results aren’t announced within 48 hours.

live bets on ggbet

Live betting is a thrilling adventure for players who know games like the palm of their hand and want to use their knowledge to their advantage. It demands decisiveness and the ability to improvise, and such bettors can ride the wave of great winnings in both GGBet sports and eSports disciplines.

It’s worth mentioning that although the odds are dynamic, your single bet is not, as it has to stay unchanged once placed. Of course, you can always place another one as a counterweight, especially when the event is going completely off the rails of predictions. Doing so, however, is only recommended for experienced bettors who really know the ins and outs of the betting industry and can measure their resources accordingly.

Match Results, Sports Analytics and News

GG Bet strives to think outside the box of a regular online bookmaker, that is why they also provide much food for a client’s thoughts by covering news and sports analytics.

If you come into betting all serious, GGBet can easily become your one-in-all sportsbook where you can collect, track and analyze every morsel of your favorite competitions on the pitch. With so much analytics you are welcome to improve your betting performance and learn many in-depth facts about your disciplines of choice.

Simply click the ellipsis in the website header and choose “News”. You’ll see four large buttons saying “All”, “Sport”, “eSport”, and “Bonuses” — those are major filters that help the reader land on the precise topic of interest. All the news bits come in the compact form of a title plus an emblem, which makes for pleasant visual guidance.

You can furthermore sort the information by individual game titles.

So far, the GGBet website offers statistics mostly for traditional competitive disciplines. Visit the corresponding section to find whole spreadsheets of data regarding seasons, play-offs, and general performance of national teams and players from the world over.

GGBet Casino Online — Thousands of Games on One Platform

The casino section is a whole separate reality at GG Bet. It’s here you can try your hand at hundreds of vivid and unforgettable slot machines and, who knows, maybe land one of those triple sevens on its fast-spinning reels. There are also table games aplenty, while the live casino action with poker, roulette, and overall over a dozen titles won’t leave anyone indifferent.

online casino ggbet

Since a lot of attraction to “one-armed bandits” comes in the form of free spins, it’s highly recommended to get registered first. Online casino GG.Bet won’t try to get in your way to get entertained and, possibly, a bit richer — the registration procedure is meant to take a couple of minutes at the most. However, with it, comes a lot of advantages, including welcome bonus, loyalty gifts, and promotions for regular gamblers. As soon as you have your personal login, you’ll get a massive boost to the first deposit. All is set up to let you have fun upon entering, and the number of interactive activities is truly staggering.


Slots online are the most popular category among gamblers, so it’s no surprise that GGBet wants to give the best to its users. The online casino boasts nearly 1000 various slot machines. Classic slots, video slots, slots with a jackpot, progressive jackpot slots, and 3D slots – whatever you can think of can be found here.

ggbet slots

In the diversity of one-armed bandits, gamblers can play the eternal classics – slots that have been among the top choice for years, like Lady of Fortune, Fruit Bonanza, and Book of Dead. At the same time, GGBet has become the platform for world premieres of new machines, so you can always gamble on the latest slots releases here too.


Who doesn’t know the old classic wheel of fortune that has kept so many of us at the edge of our seats? GGBet roulette comes in a lot of hues and varieties, including the European, French, and American types performed with aesthetics to anyone’s liking.

Table and Card Games

Atlantic City Blackjack, Texas Holdem Poker, Pai Gow, and Baccarat Supreme — all that you know and don’t know are gathered here in a tasty collection at GG.Bet website. More than half a hundred species of fun with cards seems like more than enough to keep amused even a most bored know-it-all of a gambler.


If you have ever played craps, then you know exactly how much excitement and pleasure this type of game brings. You roll two dice and then you aim to repeat your result before that capricious seven-out is rolled. It’s a game of slow-building thrill that any respectable casino should have accessible.

Insta Games

Do you feel the need for an instant thrill? Look no more and try insta games. GGBet casino offers more than 130 instant games from top-tier providers in the gambling industry. Just think of how intense it can get when all the emotions you live though in a regular casino game are compressed to a few seconds that separate you from finding out if you have won or not. That’s the main reason why gamblers like them.

Scratch cards, wheels of fortune, thimbles, mines, card games, and so many more insta games provide the diversity to fit any taste and preference. Find your favorite and get the thrill you need so badly.

Live Dealer Casino

While most gamblers have no opportunity to play casino games in the brick-and-mortar gambling house, everyone can feel the atmosphere of a real casino by visiting the Live Casino section. Enjoy the interaction with a live dealer and other gamblers playing at the table, chatting throughout the game as if it would happen in a real land-based casino.

live casino

Whatever table or card game you’d like to play, you can do this online in a live dealer casino. Baccarat, poker, roulette, Speedy 7, War of Elements – choose whatever you like. Also, you can try your luck in the live wheel of fortune, keno, and lotteries. All these are in real-time mode with maximum immersive effect.

Software Providers at GG Bet Casino

Gambling aficionados will meet no other names at GG Bet than those of respectable software developers. Products from Betsoft, Play’n GO, Microgaming, Amatic, Yggdrasil, Rabcat, and Hacksaw among dozens of others have been smoothly integrated with the casino online.

As the gaming industry stands today, GG Bet casino has no choice but to work with fully legit suppliers to enable their customers with a fair and paying gambling system. Another strong point of reliable software is anti-cheating modules and hack protection. Gamblers can use slot machines and poker tables without fear of them crashing suddenly or nullifying their winnings.

demo play

Most of those digital titles come with a free demo, and that’s a must-have opportunity to test the game and become acquainted with the rules. GGBet also recommends clients use their free spins sparingly when first trying a new game, as those will undoubtedly come in handy when your start playing with real money.

GG Bet Bonus Offers: Additional Opportunity to Play More

Bonuses at GG.Bet begins as early as with the registration incentive. This means any new player is welcomed with a prize for their first deposit, allowing them to get extra free cash.

To set the bonus system in motion, a website visitor must first confirm their e-mail address and enter a promo code before filling up their account.

The GG.Bet website has a dedicated section with bonuses where each month brings new lucrative offers. These promo events gather together hundreds of eSports and sports fans from many. The GGBet bonus section is definitely the one to visit often and check your eligibility for premium betting opportunities.

Besides supporting newcomers, the platform puts a high price on loyalty, offering the regular customers some pretty unique stuff. From promo codes to freebets, as well as insurances, extra funds, and cashback, the incentives pop up all year round, promising many chances to collect rewards.

Welcome Bonus for All New Players

ggbet bonus

Newly registered players get to use a bonus code that applies a 100% booster to the first amount deposited (up to $200), with a minimum sum of $10. Bonuses are granted with lots of rules and restrictions to prevent abuse, so getting familiar with the conditions is a must. For instance, the deposit to claim the welcome bonus has to be made within 14 days of using the GGBet promo code.

Casino, at the same time, has a different program that offers an extra load of cash (for the first three deposits) to spend at slots and table activities. In addition to that, the player’s luck is assisted by free spins — up to a hundred of those in Legacy of Dead, if you meet the requirements for the third deposit.

Online Betting Bonuses

Both sport and eSport aficionados have a chance to add a free bonus to their bets on certain disciplines (e.g., $20 for a $50 placed on an MMA competition). For Dota 2 bettors, there sometimes happens a team-sponsored promo, where you receive free cash for your bets. In some cases, you can even insure your bets, meaning that a certain amount of lost money will be returned to you as a refund.

Deposit Bonus

Getting a 125-150% bonus for your deposit is often a thing during league seasons.


You may get free bets with deposits when filling up your account during promotional periods.


Bettors get some of their money back (15% or more) when placing bets within specified time frames or promotional events during matches.

Special Promotions for Major Tournaments

Majors are almost sure to be accompanied by massive deposit boosters — up to 250% of the bankroll on your account or even doubled bonuses.

Online Casino Bonuses

The best gambling experience is hard to imagine without bonuses. Keeping that in mind, GGBet provides its clients with various special offers and bonus programs aimed to boost your gambling opportunities. Both newbies and experienced can get free spins or enhance their bankroll by participating in bonus programs by the online casino. New offers appear regularly, so you’d better stay updated on the new and upcoming bonuses not to miss the best ones.

All you need to do to claim a bonus is to sign up or make a deposit. Whatever bonus you’d like to get, you need only a few minutes to activate it. The current selection of casino promotions includes a welcome bonus, weekly bonus, and weekend bonus.

No Deposit Bonus

This type of bonus is typically available for newbies who have just registered with an online casino. It allows testing the games without spending a single cent of your money.

Deposit Bonus

GG Bet offers a range of deposit bonuses. With their help, you can double your deposit or even increase it by 150%. The more you deposit, the more bonus money for gambling you get. The maximum deposit bonus reaches a whopping $1000 + 175 FS!

Free Spins

All current bonus offers by GGBet comprise some free spins. This means you can enjoy your favorite slot and make a winning without spending money. Free spins usually come in a bonus offer pack and are granted for a specific slot machine.

GGBet Offers a Variety of Payment Methods

Sure thing, your ability to enjoy online betting without having any frets about financial issues should be the first priority of any bookmaker. GG Bet allows you to feel confident about your funds by offering multiple options for payment and withdrawal.

gg payments

Credit and debit cards are still the most popular way to refill your account at GGBet. These are considered the safest and most convenient, with deposit transactions occurring almost instantaneously. Withdrawals take a bit longer, with a maximum of a week, but that limit is imposed by necessity for your funds to be cleared against laundering and illegal operation checks.

Other money-handling systems are supported at GG.Bet all have their specific benefits and limitations, which you should review before getting down to your betting business.

Deposit Methods

Depending on what method of payment you prefer, you might need to wait from 24 hours up to a week for your funds to be processed. Each payment method comes with a certain limit, but overall, these go into high thousands, so no worries. Your ability to deposit is also curtailed with each system. Normally, the amount deposited has to be no lower than $10, reaching up to $2000 at the highest.

Method Min Max Time Commission
Visa $10 $2000 Instant No fee
Master Card $10 $2000 Instant No fee
Neteller $10 $2000 Instant No fee
Skrill $10 $2000 Instant No fee
EcoPayz $10 $2000 Instant No fee
Sofort $10 $2000 Instant No fee
EPS $10 $2000 Instant No fee
Euteller $10 $2000 Instant No fee
Paysafecard $10 $50 Instant No fee
Zimpler $10 $2000 Instant No fee
MuchBetter $10 $2000 Instant No fee
Bitcoin $8 $10000 Instant No fee
Tether $8 $10000 Instant No fee

Upon GGBet sign up, the user will see a prompt message suggesting a currency of choice. CAD, USD, EUR, or CAD will be prioritized. It is possible to change the selected currency before and after depositing money for the first time. However, this cannot be done more often, and also, it’s only the support team that can work this for you.

Withdrawal Options

If you’re a registered user and your account has been verified, withdraw your winnings from GG.Bet should not be a problem. Simply proceed to the payout section and click the appropriate payment method banner.

Withdrawing small amounts is possible through a simple procedure that requires the addition of your bank card (meaning real, not virtual). For greater amounts, you’ll need to confirm your identity with a photo. The moment your submitted data gets approval from the security department, you can freely withdraw your winnings within the established limits.

Sometimes, it’s necessary to wait for your transaction to be completed for up to two weeks. It all depends on the amount of withdrawal, with $300 arriving on your card within two days, and anything from $2000 up to $20 000 taking about a fortnight. Winnings per single bet cannot exceed $50 000. Overall, GGBet reserves the right to send you the requested money in parts if your bankroll is twenty times higher than the amount deposited.

Method Min Max Time Commission
Visa $20 $2500 5-14 days 1 – 3.5%
Master Card $20 $2500 5-14 days 1 – 3.5%
Neteller $20 $2500 1-5 days 2.5%
Skrill $20 $2500 2-5 days 2.0%
EcoPayz $20 $2500 3-5 days 2.0%
MuchBetter $20 $2500 3-5 days 1-3.5%
Bitcoin $10 $5000 Instant No fee
Tether $10 $5000 Instant No fee

It may happen that a user’s request for cash is rejected, and there is several reasons for this:

  1. Your monthly withdrawal limit is exceeded;
  2. Your selected payment method has recently been changed;
  3. Your account has been marked as fraudulent;
  4. Platform has temporary technical issues.

Any time your transaction is declined or should you have any trouble with claiming your profits, the bookie encourages you to contact the always responsive and friendly customer service.

GGBet Mobile Betting: Application and Adaptive Version

Mobile device optimization works like a charm with GGBet, mostly because this bookie puts an emphasis on live betting and quick access. The website has an adaptive version tweaked to provide optimal mobile screen support. Everything you have in the desktop version is present here as well, including bonuses and the bookmaker’s prompt customer service.

ios android

Some may actually prefer switching to full mobile with GG.Bet, since this way, you can take the live broadcasts of any match wherever you go. Accessing the site from the Android/iOS apps will significantly speed up the process of bet placing and help you keep track of relevant contests.

How to Download GGBet App on Mobile?

GGBet Android and iOS app is totally free of charge, and there are no ads embedded. Its installation will take mere minutes, following simple steps. From within the app, you can freely use the GGBet withdraw option as well as have unrestricted access to all payment methods.

For Android

  1. Download the “Ggbet_Application.apk” file from the bookmaker website.
  2. If you downloaded it on a PC, transfer the .apk file using USB or cloud share.
  3. Navigate your smartphone with a file manager to find and open the file.
  4. Tap to install. Make sure you’ve allowed the installation of external software on your device.
  5. Keep calm until the installation process is completed.
  6. The icon should now appear on your screen, with full access to the bookie.

For iOS

  1. Open Safari and navigate to the page you want your app to open first (e.g. “Bets”).
  2. Click the “Share” button.
  3. Scroll down and choose the “Add to Home Screen” option.
  4. Name the Icon as you please or keep the name offered. Click the Add button.
  5. You now have a fully functional mobile version of the GGBet betting service.

GGBet Sign Up

Creating an account on the GGBet website is made clear and simple. In just a couple of steps you can start a deposit, enjoy your welcome bonus, and place however many bets you wish. To register, follow these steps:

  1. Click or tap on the “Registration” button positioned on the upper right of your screen.
  2. Choose the method: either connect GG.Bet with your social network account or punch in the login information requested for a newly-minted one.
  3. Give a hard think to what strong yet memorable password you could use for your account to stay safe.
  4. Choose the account currency (remember that it’s important for your withdrawals). Tick the box to confirm your legal age and agreement with the bookmaker’s terms (a good idea is to read them first).
  5. Wrap up the registration by passing the SMS verification stage. Conclude the account creation by clicking “Next”.

Account Personification and Verification

After your profile is available for editing and use, you should do good in proving you’re a real person capable of meeting financial obligations. Here’s what information and documents you need to pass the financial verification stage:

  1. Fill in your personal details. Don’t use made-up names/handles because this information will be crucial for checking your legal background.
  2. Upload a legible scan or photo of your ID/passport.
  3. In case you decide to use something else than a passport, make sure those papers confirm your age.
  4. Select the preferable payout method.

GGBet Support: A Team of Professionals Will Always Help

However good betting services might be, issues are prone to arise, and from there on, it’s the ability to handle them that marks the real value of a bookmaker.

GG Bet strives to maintain a responsive and reliable connection with its customers. While the technical side of things is more or less dependable, mishaps with understanding the rules and limitations are quite common. GG Bet encourages players to resolve their questions with support representatives who stay online 24/7, 365 days a year.

It is possible to request help via several communication channels, namely:

A Few Useful GG Bet Tips for New Players

You may come from the world of video gaming and be well-familiar with many titles, but does it give you an edge as a gambler? Newbies bettors are fast to find out that betting on the internet is all about learning every day. Certain strategies, however, could give you a nudge in the correct direction from the early start.

Kick It Off with Moderate Amounts

As with any money enterprise, it’s a bad idea to be hasty about your spending. Even pro gamblers stay prudent with unknown markets and scale the stakes accordingly to their performance.

The chief plan is to set off a certain amount and make it last. Your first attempts will likely fail spectacularly, so expect knowledge to be your biggest takeaway. Aiming for solid profits from the very beginning is not wise while learning from your mistake undoubtedly is.

Keep Notes of Your Betting Performance

Winning a bet is often based on minute details. Make sure you don’t allow those to slip from your attention. Try to maintain a nice, clean, and elaborate register of deposits, win streaks, loss rates, and overall profits. With this at hand, you’ll be able to build proper analytics and become a sharper gambler in a matter of days.

Also, if you ever need to take a break, it will be easier to restore your whole progress from those notes.

Avoid Favoring Teams or Players

While we all enjoy supporting our favorites, it doesn’t always end well to trust your money to subjective feelings. This tendency to lean on emotions when making a judgment is actually sneakier than you might think; simply being aware of it isn’t enough to dodge a faulty move.

Don’t allow the excitement to take you and place a bet with a cool head. Only then, you can view the game fully engaged.

Choose Deliberately

It won’t do you much good to bet money on every match you come across, even if you do seem to know how to make the most from the odds.

Actually, markets differ greatly and your success-to-failure ratio may translate badly between various sports and even matches. Being sure about what you do is the rule of thumb here and a good way not to waste money.

If you want to change the discipline, do yourself a favor and watch a couple of matches just for fun. Especially do this, if there is no great dissimilitude between the odds of two competitors, meaning you wouldn’t be able to win a lot even if the bet worked for you.

Good Money Come with Good Risk

Although it may seem counter-intuitive, betting safely is not always such a great option. Not only do low-odd wagers leave you with meager profits, but they also tend to drain money most disappointingly with long-losing streaks.

Experienced bettors know the value of calculated risk and when to take it. Potential large wins are extremely useful to offset the smaller amounts lost, and in the end, it all may prove exceptionally rewarding, both financially and emotionally.


❓ Is GGBet Legit for Betting?

GGBet is licensed under registration number 8048/JAZ to provide casino gambling, fixed-odd betting, and live betting services to customers of legal age. Make sure you use the official URL to access the fully legitimate services.

❓ How Do I Bet on eSports at GG Bet?

Go to the discipline, select the match you are interested in and click on the odds related to the team or player you want to bet on. You’ll need to be registered to proceed further.

❓ Is PayPal Available for Deposits at GGBet?

The bookmaker does not list PayPal as an available payment option. Still, it’s possible to place deposits and make withdrawals using other popular e-wallets, including Neteller and Skrill.

❓ Is It Possible to Cancel a Bet at GG.Bet?

The refund policy specifies that users can only get their money back if the amount was typed incorrectly. Also, you cannot cancel bets if you’ve already made a deposit.

❓ How Do I Withdraw Money from GGBet?

To cash out the funds, enter your profile and select “Cashbox”. Next, choose “Withdraw” and pick out the preferred method. Enter the sum and complete the procedure. Only registered users with verified accounts can collect their winnings. For withdrawals exceeding $1000, the player identification procedure will be carried out. You can withdraw the funds exclusively via the payment method you used to deposit them.

Download GGBet app and enjoy mobile betting:

Google Play App ios
Diners club
Mifinity Voucher